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You know, Racer X was Speed Racer's brother.

Has Mindy Kaling written some sort of well-known coming-out story that I'm not aware of?

Not yet, but I know, in my heart of hearts, that she totally could, and it would totally work. It would at least be on par with that old issue of Batman? Robin? where Tim Drake tells the reader not to smoke pot by using the argument "Why would you want to 'get wasted'?"

Who WOULD want to "get wasted," Tucker? I think it's great to take the no-drug message to comics readers. Drugs suck. They waste your time; the kick they provide decreases with continued usage; when you're on them, you feel totally creative and energized, but later you realize it was all pointless shallow babble; they can isolate you from your friends as you fall into a pathetic subculture of addicts; druggies are always babbling about the best high they ever had, as if that justifies their downward spiral; and, of course, drugs cost waaaay too much money.

Just say no to drugs. And please buy more Nightwing.

I think the effectiveness of any anti-drug message is severely diluted after it's presented in a story where marijuana use has created some type of variation on the Floronic Man.

Well, was that an Alan Moore story? Because Alan Moore's anti-drug message is consistently, "Don't do drugs. Until I get there. And try to have some young-ish womenfolk about for me to shag. Ta."

I feel like it was Chuck Dixon. It certainly lacked the cheekiness of an Alan Moore. I could be wrong.

At some point, before I forget, I really should transcribe Robin's speech from the end of that weed frenzy story. From what I remember, it was along the lines of "Think about what you're saying! you want to get 'messed up', you want to 'get wasted'! Why would you do that with your mind, this wonderful gift you've been given, a gift given so freely," and so on, from there. It had the effect of making one want to skip far past marijuana and cocaine, and just dive right into cheap meth and all the glorious aspects of the trailer-park drug culture that meth inhabits. My dog is named Skeeter! My teeth are tingly and green! Look! This shirt is yours!

The only nice thing to say is that, at no point, did Robin turn to face the reader and ask them to start accepting something something as their personal savior. But that was probably just due to page count.

That sounds like that anti-gay comic that Journalista linked to the other day that went nuts describing all the details of the "deviance" that homosexuals engage in. It was the Rick Santorum (or Larry Craig, for a more recent reference) of comics.

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