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Eh, Haunted Tank wasn't loony enough for me... too much would-be dramatic chit-chat, not enough crazy-ass time travel culture clash... the title page was kind of amazing, though!

I also liked it when the ghost horse bowed in introduction, since I think it pays for a ghost horse to be polite.

Wow, I'm gonna have to get that Punisher Xmas Special. I picked up Aaron's Ghost Rider on your recommendation and loved it. It's like Dragonball Z but somehow well written. Just pathos and a big fuckoff fight scene.
And you're right about Vertigo - there one issue of Young Liars I've read is about redneck martian spiders raping their six-year old human daughter. Now, if they just hired some decent colorists they'd be all set.

Jog: Well, the execution of these wacky ass vertigo mini's leaves a little to be desired, but give 'em time! With these kind of concepts, that golden age of "i can't believe i like this" could just be around the corner.

Sean: up to you on that one--god, that was one mean comic. Merry Christmas, ya'll. Here's a dead baby!

That's Secret Invasion for you, a
comic that never took the time to ask
"should there be something happening
this story, or are we fine just
publishing something that's little
more then an idea for a story?"

I think that can be said of every single superhero comic published by Marvel and DC and some of the non-superhero comics, too. They're not even pretending to try anymore, they just slap some pages together featuring a corporate IP and then publish it to a guaranteed 15,000 sales. At least Marvel has an excuse, they're a movie studio first, but what's DC's excuse? Why are the stockholders not rioting over this? What excuse is there for a Batman comic not being sold to every child in America? Don't tell me the audience isn't there, because it's there for Naruto.

"Don't tell me the audience isn't there, because it's there for Naruto."

Because the kids who like reading a (relatively) recently published Japanese comic book about the adventures of (mostly) super-powered adolescent ninjas would surely enjoy reading American comic book featuring a nominally non-powered character that has been starring in a comic book that has been published since before their grandparents were alive. And surely, the kids that would enjoy something based on it's creator's unique voice over a corporate template saddled with hundreds of interpretations that don't really add up to anything substantial.

I am not saying that kids can't like Batman - the success of the various cartoons and films demonstrates that they very much can. However, I have to take issue with an idea that they have to like the comic book those interpretations are based on, because, gosh darn it, this is the way it always was so this is the way it has to be.


I'm very unclear how you're getting from A to B. The point you're argueing against is not the point I'm making at all.

I'm not saying kids should be buying Batman comics the way they're published now because that's the way it's always been.

My point is simply if there's a market for Naruto comics then there's the potential for a market for Batman comics. The old chestnut when looking at the low sales numbers for comics used to be kids would rather play video games than read. That's simply not true and we can see that with the success of manga.

Batman's appeal to kids is well established. Kids go crazy for the toys, cartoons, movies, underwear, everything. So why do we just accept they'll hate even well done comics and let the comics only sell to the babymen who will buy anything with a trademark on it?

Why is Warner content with DC not trying? Why are the stockholders content with DC not trying? What possible excuse is there? There's a market, DC has corporate IPs with household names, so why aren't they trying to reach that market? That's what I'm saying. The market exists, but Warner is perfectly happy with DC not trying.

The reason why Warner doesn't care about the comics is because they don't view the comics as being something worth their time to fix. I'd imagine that DC can get by paying the salaries they have to pay without bugging Warner, and Warner seems content to leave them alone as long as they do that. Shareholders probably don't care because it would take DC increasing their profits on an exponential scale for it to impact share pricing. Even if every book DC published doubled in sales tomorrow, I'd imagine the impact on overall profit for the entire Time Warner conglomerate would still be negligible. As long as they can provide the occasional IP for a movie or a toy, there's no reason for corporate people to waste their time helping comics, not when that time is more profitably spent elsewhere in the Time Warner empire.


It seems that I misunderstood your point. My apologies.

In response to what you actually said, I have to agree with Tucker Stone - Time Warner doesn't have much incentive to help DC Comics, or to do anything to change the current status quo. If anything, it seems be working alright for both parties, so why temper with (what is in their view) perfection.

Yeah, Kenny said "babymen"! Awesome!

Yeah, that Punisher thing was really fucking mean, wasn't it? I think the baby-killing shocked me enough that I totally missed the whole nativity theme until I read Jog's review. I feel dumb sometimes.

Great review of both Batman and New Avengers, by the way. You make me laugh, Tucker.

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