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Hoo boy, this one is kind of crazy. Get ready for a long, probably tiresome explanation/comment/recommendation. I read this series when it was serialized in the magazine Shojo Beat, and yes, it's kind of awful, but if you read it long enough, it becomes sort of a guilty pleasure. After the setups of the first volume (and, it must be said, the first volume of any given manga is often kind of clunky and dedicated to establishing the premise, with the good stuff kicking in later on), the day class/night class stuff is mostly dropped, with the focus shifting to the complicated relationships and politics among the vampires. There's some weird sexual connotations that are kind of interesting, and the occasional ridiculous twist that, for me at least, made it pretty enjoyable, and some intense showdowns with various evil characters that can be fun, in a talky way. And around the point the magazine was cancelled, there was a huge twist that completely upended the status and relationships of the cast, which almost makes me want to seek out future volumes to find out what happened. I probably won't though.

As for recommendations (which I know you're not always excited about, but please bear with me), from what you described as liking about Nana, I would suggest the series Honey and Clover, which follows a group of college students going to art school. It's often quirky and goofy, but there's some great art and design work, and it's another one where characters grow and mature over the course of the series, a real moony, emotional soap opera. I really dig it, and as long as you can get used to the oddball comedy and sometimes strange character designs, it's a great comic.

I liked Near, but yeah the entire second half of Death Note wasn't as good as the first half. Though I did love the ending (though the anime kind of muddled with it)

Would have prefered an ending similar to the second movie, but whatever.

"and, it must be said, the first volume of any given manga is often kind of clunky and dedicated to establishing the premise, with the good stuff kicking in later on"

this can not be stressed enough.

Something you'll learn about manga is that, much like American comics, the majority is absolutely godawful. The thing you have to remember, though, is that the worst manga is arguably worse than the worst superhero comic.

This is not to be down on manga, but when it's bad, hoo boy is it BAD.

Nana, oh Nana how I love you. I hope Yazawa gets better of her illness soon so she can finish it.
I completely sure that vampire knight wouldn't be as popular if the art wasn't as good, cause, this I will admit freely it's great art. But yeah the manga is horribly cliche and it makes no sense.

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