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What? On tour? Not sure if you're pulling my leg.
Fun episode though. I've seen NONE of those movies though...

'Going behind the paywall'

Say whatttttt?

I'll see you at Criminal Records.

Love the show. Never comment. But wanted to alert you two about the fact that the most recent Nerdist Writer's Panel interviewed the gents behind Person of Interest. In the link below, if you're interested:


Thanks for the show, guys.


Frederic Jardin's "Sleepless Night" has an amazing kitchen fight scene in it (and the movie itself is an excellent piece of contemporary action cinema that I think you both would love).

Did you just attempt this site's *second* Crescent City Comics reference in under a week...?!!

Just sayin'... Not shying away from criticizing you b/c c'mon, we're here to keep you honest: if the tour thing is a joke, I think you're alienating your audience. Just sayin'...

Say what you will, that sequence in "Skin" with the two dudes in the black pool was nightmare sauce. Looking forward to Bicklicker Tour 2014, I'll be there cosplaying as a magical dwarf.

If we're talking kitchen fights, how about that time Van Damme and the Pittsburgh Penguin were raising hell in Sudden Death?!?!

I retract my statement. I trust you guys implicitly.

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