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This is a tremendous episode, guys. The headline for Vishnevetsky's (less effusive) review of Personal Shopper is "Kristen Stewart browses for ghosts..." And whatever else, the headline kind of demonstrates how close to the mark Assayas and Stewart get in understanding how a specific story can have specific intentions without ever seeming on-the-nose. The act of sorting through clothes can make clothing-shopping a stand-in for browser-tab-switching. That's there so obviously that it's part of the headline on a not-so-nice review, but it's also the kind of thing that forces even a criticism of it to accept the basic point. Pretty good sign. Everything else you point to reinforces that. This is one of those films that's going to stand up easily to future scrutiny.

Morgan briefly mentions that it's off-brand to claim Mark Wahlberg is our greatest actor, and he's right, but Sean's (not serious) point has some truth. Sometimes being dead-on is a great accomplishment in its own right.

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