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The way it actually worked at Meltdown for a while was there was a wall of comics that was, like, explicitly labelled as being available to option...? (I forget how they phrased it exactly, but it was without exaggeration a wall of comics curated towards movie execs). So that way, people wouldn't even have to ask or have conversations-- they could just go to that wall.

But that was before they installed an in-store webcasting area where people would scream about I-could-not-decipher-what (video games?) into the internet from a webcasting podium-shed thingy. So I don't know if the Movie Exec Wall is still there because that horrible shed takes up a lot of space.

Wait, I found texts I sent a friend: "[Friend of his] started an unoptioned comics wall at Meltdown??? [..] It's this wall marked like Option Free comics or something and then like all these bullshit [specific Image creator's name] comics. Ghastly." That was 2-3 years ago. The Option Free comics wall.

A more recent text about going in there: "There is no god. Meltdown."

I gave Shooter a chance... That's another show I'll have to enjoy hearing Tucker talk about, but never watch.

Started watching Shooter on the word of the Stones. One thing I really appreciate is is how lean it is. In the advent of streaming and binge watching, TV feels incredibly padded out. Also, the wall of comics to option for movie executives is one of the most cynical fucking things. Good god.

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