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Top 10 Fincher ads, I'd go 1) Nike, "Fate: Leave Nothing", 2) Gap, "The Kiss", 3) Levi's "The Chase", 4) American Cancer Society - the one where a fetus smokes a cigarette, 5) Adidas's "Mechanical Legs", 6) Coca Cola's "Bladeroller" (ft. more Asians than Blade Runner 2), 7) Heineken's "Beer Run", 8) Nike's "Never Give Up", 9) Softbank's "The Wind", and 10) Nike's "Trail of Destruction". FYI. (I think "Fate: Leave Nothing" and "The Kiss" are the only really essential ones, but).

Top Fincher parody, I'd go...https://youtu.be/xktMwAZDcKE

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