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1/5 of one percent, huh? Can that really be true? If there's one thing that I've become aware of from being exposed to the world of comics is how much of an influence comic books have had on various writers, actors, screenwriters....John Johnson. I mean, everytime I turn around now I'm hearing about the influence of comic books. So, is it really, really, REALLY 1/5 of one percent? Or is that simply the only portion of HONEST comic book readers?
And also -- Grant Morrison resembles Ben Kingsley.

The number 1/5 comes from actual sales vs. population, so yes. However, the 1/5 percent number is based on those who purchase their comics from direct distribution centers, i.e. comic stores, so the amount of people who buy trades and graphic novels at Barnes and Noble are not included.

The Graphic Novel section in Barnes and Noble will never be counted for anything, unless they do something about it: 1.) Give it its own division, AWAY from the science fiction books to which it bears almost no relation, away.
2.) You want to keep the Manga section? You want to keep the Manga section.
3.) Make it so that Manga doesn't doesn't comprise 80% of total product space; it's disgusting.
4.) EXPAND. Try carrying some titles that don't have covers with bright CAD colors and glittering chromium logos. Don't! Don't you dare say "Shi."

I think it was in an article from the same Comic-Con day that quoted an imprint publisher saying that the Graphic Novel section of the bookstore was no longer "the ghetto" that it has been in the past. I disagree with this man for a couple of reasons, the most important being that his statement is such a ridiculous and provable lie.

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