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Snakes was off the hook. I too, have been face to face with haters of this party at the box office. But I have been throwing out an offer that was once reserved for The Family Stone only. I will pay for your ticket if you go watch it with me. Anyone, that is. Fat, male, and the unfunny are all invited. Show up at my house and I'll look up the showtimes. Now as for the requisite pre-game Burger King quad stacker, that you have to pay for yourself. But like snakes, it will not disappoint either.

When I first heard the title of this movie I thought it was a joke. I think most people went to see this movie because we all want to be cussed out by Samuel L. Nobody say got-damn like him.

Is there actually a part in the movie where Samuel J. says "we've got mutha-f#%*ing snakes!". Your answer will determine whether I see it at the regular theater or wait until it goes to the dollar movie...

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