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I wholeheartedly agree. I loved this series and rented the whole thing on netflix within a few weeks. It's amazing and slightly disturbing to watch everyone age, go through life, and be so honest and candid. Probably one of the most realistic unassuming portraits of a generation. I'm really excited for 49 Up. Kudos for your review.

I'm a fan of the use of the 'obnoxious moron' link. An excellent example of a relatively new literary device: Link Irony. See, most links are just connections to more information; sort of an interactive, in-text indexing or footnote system. With Link Irony, we get something we don't expect. In this case, 'obnoxious moron' takes us not to a definition of the irregular term or a site of the same name, but to a bio on a pop celebrity (as such, someone whom is generally more liked than disliked).
Seems to me there are two ligitimate responses to the redirect: either "Oh. Clever," or "Clever, and funny because it's true." I don't insist on the interpretation.

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