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He certainly takes a shine to himself. I tried to read Sex,Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, but I kept wanting to throw it out the window, I was so annoyed with his self-involved tone. Like when you sit at a restaurant with someone and there's a mirror wall behind you and they keep checkin themself out while they're talking to you. He seems to jump around between music criticism, pop culture studies, and fiction, and it doesn't seem like his passport is good in all of those places.

I enjoyed this review. I think it may be advanced to wait until everyone gets on the plane and then boarding. Watching people stuff oversized carry-on bags in the overhead bin as they get on the plane is one of the four most annoying parts of airplane travel. Right there with listening to people ask for blankets and pillows, paying five bucks for headphones, and feigning appreciation to the attendant when you deboard.

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