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Well you definitely made me give this another listen Mr. Brown. And the main reason was because unpon preliminary listening, I thought that the music was kind of bland, and that the bland music was overpowering the lyrics (whose stories I love to hear!) But I like this band so much, that I'm going to keep trying to hear what you hear. PS - I really love their cover of Joanna Newsom's "Bridges and Balloons" off of your MC Stankbooty mix "MC Stankbooty on some 2005 Shit"

Excellent review. Their last album, Picaresque, took me a bit to get into but eventually, it's become one of my favorite albums to listen to. The Crane Wife, on the other hand, grabbed me immediately. I especially love The Island with its Hammond Organ jam session and 3 act play organization. This is a really kickass CD.

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