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I never even consider JT. I just got to Missouri, I'm here visiting my family for Christmas and I love to drive around the little old town listening music I've yet to listen to. I have a few choices this year, but now I'm think I may need to go out and get this and add it to my list in the car. Maybe I'll debut it when I pick my Grandmother up on Wednesday. Now there's an idea.

Its been a while since a fun-with-links post. And this one is FUN. And hilarious.
(And now its time to put JT on my Nano. )

I gazed into the lifegiving crevasse between a pop diva's legs today - and all I saw there were the reflections of my misspent youth.

Futuresexy, yo.

Throbbing beats infused with Prince-inspiredvocals make me feel funny inside. In a good way.

Thanks for including my future baby daddy.

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