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I have'nt seen an entire episode yet but expect it's arrival any day now via netflix. So at this time all I have to say is I thought State and Main was hilarious. I still quote Alex Baldwin's line "so that happened" after he crawles out of a car crash. Speaking of wich Alex Baldwin is incredibly funny on 30 Rock. If you haven't seen this show you've got to, if only to see Baldwin.

To understand the unit you have to understand the life of a military spouse. I have enjoyed watching The Unit and will continue. What you have seen on the show may not be all facts, but to some extent it is. I don't live the life that those women do, but I do live the life of an military spouse. I think that the story line is just show the lives of these people that are out there fighting for our country. Like everything else on TV, it can be drawn out. I feel that we all should have the respect of others and their work. I do respect your thoughts and hope that you will do the same for the rest of the viewers that do enjoy the show.

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