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You have to do 8 Mile next, as it is the EXACT SAME MOVIE.

funny review and picture or bert eating baby....maybe find picture with more thorough portrayal of baby eating...chewing and swallowing and such?

just a suggestion
Andre "winnning the race of life" Harris

After 14 days (2 weeks) all we who follow the Factual Opinion have is this Flashdance review....

Two weeks of periodically checking in and all we have (still) is the Flashdance review....

And in the first place, it IS after all a review of...Flashdance...

Which came out many years ago, and to some of us is....not...current...

So, is the reward for being a loyal reader of the Factual Opinion... two weeks of Flashdance review?

You're absolutely right Squid--i apologize for the lack of updates.

We're back on schedule as of today, and will have more warning the next time things go amiss.

Thank you, oh wise and imperious TFO Moderator! And thank you also for the excellent Burt Eating Baby! I have to admit that I find myself in my head sometimes saying, yo. what? yo! what? Makin fire! Makin fire!

I just have to admit that.

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