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Re: Daredevil 100... maybe you are assuming too quickly the identity of the man loosing his life in this issue: he wears glasses, but... he looks a bit fatter to me... Doesn't he look a lot like the Larry Cranston we see in the reprint issues? and... well, we don't know how Milla's psychiatrist looks like, do we?

I don't think that Brubaker would eliminate a character so relevant to the series: he's not like Kevin Smith, who killed Karen out of a whim... Brubaker didn't kill Foggy, after all. He's aware of the power of secondary characters... if not, why did he bring Becky back, and added Dakota to the DD rooster?

Do you buy that first comic you talked about (the marriage) KNOWING that it's gonna suck and unable to stop yourself from buying it? Or does it draw you in the same way Rush Limbaugh use to draw in the liberal watcher, who just wanted to watch it to be pissed off?

"It's not as if people (this reader included) are choosing a shitty Fantastic Four comic instead of starting on Proust' Sodom & Gomorrah."

OMG, I can't believe they made Albertine a skrull! Stop raping my childhood, Scott-Moncrieff!

You're probably right, and it wasn't the reporter. Still a piece of shit.

Thanks for reading-i know you're chomping at the bit for 1983 to finish, and Marty and I seem to be back on track.

Ehh--i bought it just because it's the new Justice League writer and that's exciting to some people. the League is a regular buy, so i pick up most of the stuff that they put out. There's a long history of terrible Justice League one-shots, and this is just yet another one of those.

People should go over to Jones website, which you can get to by clicking on his name--it's hilarious stuff, really clever writing.

And he's right abut Albertine. It totally doesn't work with the larger narrative, especially for those of us who remember Infinity Gauntlet.

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