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"I'd bet that, due to our lack of interest in advertisement or regular posting, Marty and I are on first name basis with at least 94% of our readers."

Oh, I don't know about that: I like your reviews for the often-completely-deserved reaming you give comics, creators, fans. Like a dissenting opinion to the rah-rah of others, and you can't go wrong with that.

Besides, someday my bitterness is going to burst out, and I need to see how it's done...

I think the big difference between Johnny Ryan and THE BOYS is that Johnny generally gets his "sacred cow killing" out of the way in a page or two, whereas THE BOYS has basically been ten issues of joyless faggot jokes. If Comic Book Holocaust was just pictures of Nancy eating her own shit for 244 pages, I am pretty sure people would've gotten tired of it too.

Chuck: i stand corrected, and will henceforth ream with the knowledge that someone, somewhere, and someday will inform Marv Wolfman that some ignorant jerk said he'd become a hack.

Chris: i disagree that the boys is joyless--and i disagree that anybody on earth would react to 244 pages of Nancy eating her own shit with anything less than abject amazement. Seriously-if something that intensely pointless was published, it couldn't be any less useful than the Showcase reprints of Batgirl.

Basically though, i just disagree with the idea that there isn't some joy to be found in regularly published satire--it's always going to be pretty much the same, yes, because it's always going to be satirizing something that's pretty much always the same. It's not like the field they have to ridicule is one chock full of originality.

Why did you just ruin part of Y the Last Man for me? Do you think it's funny to spoil stories for people? Or do you just get off on being an asshole?

Y the Last Man has two issues before it's over. It'd had been out for over a week by the time i posted this, and out for almost two by the time you wrote your comment.

If you don't want the story "ruined" then you should get off your ass and go and read it, instead of dicking around on the internet reading comics review/smacktalking.

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