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While it's pretty obvious you write most of this stuff so you can publicly congratulate yourself for your superior intelligence and good taste (as demonstrated by repeat purchases of Justice League of America and Mighty Avengers), you may want to shut your hole when it comes to criticizing other people's crusades.

If you had paid the least bit attention to the angry feminist comic blogging, the point isn't that people have suddenly noticed this shit-- it's that they're deciding to say "we don't care if this is a tradition, we want it to fucking stop". Especially since, month after month, sales suggest that T&A doesn't increase sales and just kind of ends up there because, hey, it's a glorious tradition, like lynching niggers and hiring Hispanics to do all of your lawn work just outside Home Depot.

Not that I expect you to give a shit about anything other than whose face got ripped off in your funnybook, or who's eating who over in the Marvel Zombies (lol!!!1). You just keep on reviewing the... "Top 25 Albums of 1983", which is I'm sure a discussion fraught with meaning, originality, and maturity, the likes of which no one else has ever dared before.

Not as funny as the last ones IMO, but thanks anyway.
Oh, and, while I don't agree with the previous poster (who IMO misunderstood) he/she has a point in that the selection of titles seems too limited and repeat purchases/complaints limit the impact of your criticism. If you want to complain, surely there's enough crappy comics being published, if you want to read better books, surely those can be found as well.

Just like the the "discussion" your having now is fraught with meaning? Dont you realize that your own fucking ridiculous self centered, aggressive, slanderous comments on someones innocent and well thought out blog makes you one of the worst people on earth? CLAN MEMBERS NAZIS PEDOPHILES and assholes like you are all the same. You shit on other for your own personal game and you are the scum of the earth. With enough diligence maybe you could brainwash your little sister into assassinating Barack Obama. HES BLACK AND A MAN! TWO THINGS YOU REALLY HATE! YEAHHHHHHHH!

I do not have a business degree, but why is it that so many people have such a hard time understanding the basics of a free economy? If T&A didn't sell comics, they wouldn't sell. Therefore, they would not be printed and we wouldn't discuss them. Yet, they apparently do sell, and people like my brother take the time to not only read them, but write about them. So then the question becomes, Hmm. How can I, a simple girl with an open mouth just waiting for someone to insert ideas in to my head so I can regurgitate them like original thoughts, stop the wheels of a strongest economy this world has ever known? I know, I'll log on to a feminist website that complains about T&A in comic books, and then I'll seek out websites that would provide me a forum to insult people that disagree with our poorly constructed arguments! Yeahh!! I can almost hear the capitalism grinding to a halt. It is just another sad pathetic case of those who don't have the capacity to create, trying to take a shit on those that do.

err Ben are you trying to get into andre's boat?
Seriously, that's a load of horseshit you're offering there that makes the comics discussed in the OP seem like doctoral theses in comparison. Where to begin? The misogynistic characterisation of certain women as dummies who - obviously - arrive at their position not by original thought but by parroting, whereas presumably your own are all hand crafted. Then there's the invention and attribution of a ludicrous motive which we know isn't present. (Yeah, yeah, just hyperbole, I know, I'm a humourless git and you're a passive-aggressive wanker trying to sneak in another insult. Go fuck yourself.) Third, "disagreement" with arguments of whatever quality didn't happen. Your brother took a cheap shot is all. Sure, the first commenter went unacceptably off the rails about it, but then again he/she offered more actual argument than both brothers Stone together, which buy her some credit in my book. YMMV.
Finally, I really, really appreciate the irony of your last sentence. It's nonsense, criticism is well possible without being an artist oneself and a customer can well comment how he/she feels about their purchase just like that. But the real kicker here is not that you would drag out such a tired old bingo'ed fallacy, or that it doesn't even apply to the feminist criticism that apparently set you off, but that it _is_ used against the posts of your brother with considerably more justification.
I wish you were your brother, then that last line might be a brilliant example of self-depreciating wit, an ouroboros style wink at the audience, but unfortunately your previous post strongly suggests you're not that smart.

You're right, I'm not that smart. I don't even read that much.

You're right, I'm not that smart. I don't even read that much. I did create some art of my own though. check it out at


I rap under the name Stone Loc'

You're right, I'm not that smart. I don't even read that much. I did create some art of my own though. check it out at


I rap under the name Stone Loc'

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