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There are some stunning little moments in this though. The whole sequence with the cop, and his eventual suicide... are you telling me that's not worth the watch?

Sean-I'd never, never ever ever, say that Cronenberg's worst isn't worth the time. Dead Zone isn't a favorite of mine, and when thrown in contrast with Existenz, Crash, Dead Ringers or Videodrome, it's just a sad journey. But there's enough of Cronenberg in it to make it worth watching.

Also, full disclosure ahead, this isn't Cronenberg's worst--that title is fully in the hands of Fast Company, the only movie that he has that seems almost completely severed from his narrative hand.

I've heard so many bad things about Fast Company that I've avoided it. Actually I know I'm in the minority but I think A History of Violence is the worst (that I've seen anyway). It's got only two acts, no ending, and the best moment is on the deleted scenes (Ed Harris pulling a Videodrome redux).

I understand where your criticism of History comes from--i've always felt that there is a distinct difference between Cronenberg's films that serve as "adaptations" and the ones that are more strictly his. Whether it's the simple message and underdeveloped side characters in History (stemming from the B-grade comic it spawned from) or the lack of of any narrative arc in M. Butterfly, Cronenberg is at his best when he's operating with as little "help" to his own voice as possible.

Re: Fast Company--be sure to take a look around to find the theme song, which contains plot points and power guitars. It's too ridiculous to pass up.

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