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It's funny you praise Iron Fist to the moon after lambasting Criminal for being genre drivel, and then wonder why people aren't reading IRon Fist. I don't read Iron Fist because it's approximately one million times more boring than any of the Chinese wuxia films it's ripping off. If you think Iron Fist is so great, find a good place that rents Asian cinema and start watching HK flicks, or even weird Japanese movies. You'll see shit that Brube and Fraction could never come up with themselves, only imitate colorlessly with spandex jackasses.

I do watch HK flicks, and weird Japanese movies. I even review them here. I'm also only coming down on Criminal because, unlike every other time i've reviewed Criminal, this was the first time that I didn't care so much for an issue, and I'm tired of Criminal getting a free pass just because it's "different" when it's really only "different" from the comics that surround it.

You're right to claim that there are far better examples of the martial arts genre in film--but that's an argument that would also apply to just about every single comic that comes out on a weekly basis. Adventure films, action films, drama, espionage, thrillers, noir--if you're going to make the argument that renting old movies would be preferable to the comics that imitate the genre and include "shit" that is only "imitated colorlessly with spandex jackasses" than there's no reason to read mainstream comics at all. There's nothing that super-hero comics do as well (currently) as the entire library of film.

Besides that, part of the reason I'm going to hold Criminal to a higher standard than Iron Fist is because Criminal isn't a corporate property being written under editorial control. It's a comic book that hits the stands the same time as Blue Beetle, yes, but it's a creator-owned book that exists because Brubaker and Phillips are working to write something that matters to them. At it's most basic, I'll always love something like that more, solely because I feel like there's more at stake. In the little world of super-hero comics, something like Iron Fist is getting compared to the other stupid super-hero books--and it comes off as magic. Criminal is operating on a different playing field, and I felt like kicking it's taint this time around.

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