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Was the disembowelement in Robin related to the tennis team or was this a stand alone story?

Stand-alone story. For whatever reason, Robin is still dating the Zoanne girl who ended up dumping him prior to the whole tennis team subplot, so maybe the entrails and slaughter case is what inspires him to pick up a racket.

Tucker, I've been enjoying your reviews ever since Dirk Deppey started linking to them. Everyone loves an amusing take-down.

But I do have a sincere, if naive, question: why on earth do you buy/read comics that you KNOW, or at least have very good reason to believe, are going to suck (like the Robin annual and Ultimate Power)?

I know this is a hoary question that always comes up when some fanboy is griping about how they've ruined Kyle Rayner or whoever and why don't they bring back Azrael. But your reviews show that you're *not* retarded (and, a fortiori, that you're not a fanboy). So the obvious answer doesn't seem to apply here, and I'm left simply puzzled.

I can answer that: because he's the comics equivalent of the wheelchair bound character in Little Britain who purposefully puts himself in situations for the sheer pleasure of yelling "I don't like it." How nice to be able to spread the glee of your invectives without actually having to back them up with actual analysis or insight.

I don't know if "...Dennis Calero on Legion, an artist who's talent would be best served if he illustrated the inside of a sewage duct" counts as "insightful," but it sure is apt.

How is it apt. I like it, its well drawn and the storytelling is good and I would have thought the Journal, if anybody, would appreciate someone trying to do something at least a little different than standard fare. If you don't like it because it's not your "thing", that's one thing. But its not obviously badly done, so what's the issue?

Well, now I'm confused. You like his art yet you don't think he's good enough to illustrate the inside of sewage duct?

"Well, now I'm confused. You like his art yet you don't think he's good enough to illustrate the inside of sewage duct? "

What? I'm sorry, I thought you intended to make sense. But you can't even tell a joke right. Good luck with that.

You're right though, and so is Tucker. Dennis Calero is a terrible artist. I was just being difficult.

hey you want to edit my comments? that's fine. one less blog to visit.

wow, u people are assholes. hi-larious. but not very helpful.

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