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I never thought I would long for the days of Andy Kubert back on Batman, but Tony Daniel has made that a sad reality.

"most super-heroic fuck-you-super-heroes book ever"

Still not as good or as good looking as Wanted.

"It's still pretty much like a long-form version of Grant Morrison's Punisher War Journal parody"

What? What comic was this published in? Sounds hilarious.

Actually, I think he might be talking about the Tom Veitch "Penalizer" parody during Tom Veitch's run in Animal Man.

Grant Morrison parodied Punisher War Journal in the Doom Patrol, in an issue about the "Beardhunter" and later parodied Liefeld's X-Force in a one shot called "Doom Force."

Although Veitch's Penalizer was pretty great, that's not the one i was thinking of.

Track down that Beardhunter issue--it's in trade, but it's also just a cheap back issue. It's genius. Doom Force ain't as good, but it's worth the eyeballs.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's reading Deathblow! Man, I hate comic fans.

I have Doom Force. It kind of amazed me in its hatred of Claremont tropes, but it was hate laced with love.

Speaking as a fellow Chuck Dixon hata, I think the dumbass writer in the Penalizer issues was meant to be Dixon, don't you?

I think it's probable--but less explicitly so, as Chuck Dixon's body of work is, for the most part, just so godddamn bland that even satirizing it is going to be difficult. Veitch is a pretty bright dude, and I imagine that if he wanted to write like Chuck Dixon he'd need to take a bunch of horse tranqs, drink a gallon of JB and start typing.

Your insults make so sense.

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