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Merry xmas you big pussy! "tucker" ha! what else could you be but a sniveling lil' pussy!

Thanks for the comments, Ken. I'm not sure how to respond. I don't think the comment was meant for me, however you left it on the bottom of my reviews, so.....thanks for stopping by. Here's wishing you a very happy holiday season full of love and prosperity. All the best! Nina

Indeed, the comment was not meant for you. My apologies, I thought I read the "Tucker's" name in the byline. Merry Christmas to you Nina! But this should be a lesson to "The Tuck." See, a number of weeks ago, Tucker unleashed some unfounded vitriol at some numbnuts and when I politely asked if there was any actual basis for this, instead of answering the question, he chose to be snarky, edit my comments, etc. Fine. When I came back with roughly the same level of snarkiness, he chose to delete the comment. Because he's a pussy. And, as I pointed out, the worst kind, the kind that can dish it out but can't take it. Advise your pal "Tuck" that in the new year, he should grow a thicker skin and be a man. Or a WO-man at least. Just don't be a big pussy. Merry Xmas

Um, I gotta agree. Tucker is kind of a pussy.

Thanks for the apologies, Ken. I understand that you feel angry at Tucker about not providing any actual basis for his comments. I must point out with respect, however, that the name of the page is the Factual Opinion. Tongue in cheek fun. Its all Tucker's opinion. And, although vitriolic at times, I find him incredibly funny. Honestly, if someone came to your personal page and called you a Pussy all over it, without any additional fodder for discussion.... well, would you delete it? I certainly would.
The Happiest of New Years to you Ken and Frank. Stop back any time.

Thank you, one clarification. My problem wasn't with "The Tuck" failing to provide some sort of factual basis for his diatribes. I agree that relentless and uncontrolled vitriol can sometimes be endlessly entertaining. And it wasnt even his jabs and his editing my comments. All fun. Its that the MINUTE I pipe in with something on the same level (in other words, it wasnt a pussy comment, that came later) he chooses to delete that comment. Because he's a pussy. And the worst kind: the kind who can dish it but can't take it. Merry Xmas!

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