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"It's like being raped by someone, but having them do it really slowly, like achingly slowly, but it still being over in the same amount of time as if it happened like it does in Gasper Noe's Irreversible."

There have got to be more appropriate comic reading experiences to compare to the slow rape in Irreversible. You think Marvel Zombies was bad, check out New Exiles.

New Exiles? Usually Chris Claremont leaves me a tip after dropping a pearl necklace.

That rape line wasn't nearly as offensive as I was anticipating. I think you've gone soft.

The Young Avengers story was OK (I liked the classroom scene), but I take issue with Bucky's choice of casual wear. Certainly, he knew that Patriot was on his way over, and sure he wasn't going to get caught lounging in his jockeys. Still, I can't believe he dresses like George S. Patton while hanging out in his Brooklyn loft.

Dude, i'm in a Brooklyn apartment right now, and I'm dressed Exactly Like George Patton. The first thing that goes on my body after a difficult day is my Dress Blues and my Purple Heart.

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