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The guys at my shop put a copy of End League in my bag because they were selling out. The guys at my shop are incredibly nice people, and have put me onto all sorts of great books. So of course I bought it, just on their word. But I can't see the appeal in the book at all. I'm sitting there waiting for the other shoe to drop, thinking that these guys know I loved Wanted, they handed me Planetary, Sleeper, etc. But it's just more of the same superhero crap. Sure it might be more fully realized and coming with a theme unlike most of them. But really, how is this any different than a new issue of JLA that I'm never gonna read?

It's not that different. The only original idea in it is the reverse of the status quo by putting villains in the majority. Otherwise, the only thing it's missing is the tagline "This ain't yer DADDY's Avengers! These guys ARE TOTALLY EXTREME"

Occam's Razor. Not Ochem's Razor. The latter looks like you're phlegming and about to .

Carry on.

Fixed it, good catch.

Why is Juno dumb all of a sudden? And how is one "dumb as nails"? Hard as nails maybe, but dumb? I was prepared to really let you have it for the Juno statement but after reading your gutting of Red Arrow in the Justice League #16 review, I felt love for you again. Don't push me again though Tucker. Don't.

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