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"Nerd-wise, the biggest obstacle is always going to be a lack of drama--this new X-Force will kill people, sure, but they're just going to be killing the cannon-fodder, the henchmen, the mindless drones."

Exactly. This is what robots are for; so that readers and characters can vent their rage without guilt. The robots don't hate the mutants: the mutants hate the robots. Poor robots.

Nerds suck.

Still, I would have bought it if it had come with a trading card.

It probably doesn't deserve the word of defense, but for Dead of Night, featuring "a little of the New Marvel Science (which is to blame every strange non-mutant character on the US government's attempts to recreate Captain America's powers)" well, Man-Thing's origin always had that, I think. They were flogging that horse before it died, as it were.

And Man-Thing's like my least favorite comics character ever, and I still knew that. Crap.

Yesh. I think i was less irritated thinking that was a new story trick. Knowing it dates back that far just makes me feel really gross.

Dead of Night Featuring Man-Thing copies verbatim, with the exception of the monsters and that other man, the original Conway/Thomas/Morrow origin story from 35 years ago. It's freaking pathetic. Ellen's dialogue is copied straight from the original story!

I've suspected since Maria Hill walked on panel back in 2005, and have pretty much resigned myself to it, that Bendis' Avengers run is less about superhero plots than finding a way to win any argument he had with his wife that month.

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