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You have single-handedly burned down online comics reviewing.

Hilarious. My favorite is the "Long-winded Personal Anecdote Regarding Relationship With Series". HaHa.

Ha ha Tomine and manga are for fags/girls.

But you forgot one reviewing style that the kids love: snarky take-down of disposable trash a la Abhay Khosala or Tucke--uh, never mind.

Yes, but where is all the baby raping?

The real brilliance here came when I got a few lines in and realized I wasn't going to get an actual, meaningful review of these comics. And then thought, thank god, I'm not going to get an actual, meaningful review of these comics. What you've produced here is the perfect win-win.

Here is a neat little device I think might be useful in a variety of spaces. It can be used not only for performance support like Elliott Masie is researching, but also for special interest areas. It seems to be able to do a variety of things from playing videos, audios, and viewing websites. Since its was built on top of an open source developers kit, all kinds of possibilities come to mind. Specifically I think it would be great to develop custom channels for users. If you provide the Chumby as an item for...

Is the Mighty Avengers one a thinly veiled jab at Ami Angelwings? That's the only comic book reviewer I can think of that actually writes like that.

OMG XD Did you just pay tribute to me? Cuz that was AWESOME :DDDD


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