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"stupid ideas drawn well" - It used to be stupid, fun, ideas drawn well. I've been wanting to relive those days when I enjoyed Madman, and go out and buy the Madman Gargantua since I only have a few of the Atomic trades. Except that's a huge investment, and I'd have to buy a new table to read it on. Also, when I think about it I think that maybe I'd have to invest in a chair as well. That's a lot of money, and so long as the Image comic that's coming out now keeps sucking, I continue to lose motivation.

Captain America was OK. I didn't like the long internal monologue Bucky had with himself. He's practicing. You're right that an old-fashioned speech is coming... I just don't think it's going to be any good.

I for one miss Y: The Last Man already, so your guess is wrong.

You can't get that one past me, Stone--I remember you liking The Lovely Bones when it came out!

Goddammit Stank. You're right, of course. Just....God damn it.

I gotta tell you man, I miss Y: The Last Man too. I'd be happy to see that book go on forever.

If there's one person I'd back off Y: The Last Man for, it's you J. beep beep.

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