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Hi, that wasn't Wolverine screaming at the kid nor did he kill the woman. Reread it.

Hi Ron, thanks for writing. So, I reread it, and only because you've pointed it out, I am guessing that maybe that was Mystique as Wolverine, setting him up....??? But, I am a first time reader -- so that was quite unclear to me. But that is our whole deal with the "Virgin Read": how do comics come across to a person who generally does not keep up with comics or knows much about the comic world.

As a "civilian" though, I'm happy to be schooled. Thanks for writing.

Hi Nina--yeah that was mystique. you can see mystique(as wolverine) hiding behind the wall in the foregrond as the real wolverine makes his way into the village in the background after coming across the woman 'mystique' killed. We know this because theres also a shot of her 'claws' with the womans blood still on them. Also the real Wolverines costume is torn up from the mosque esplosion, while Mystiques is untorn. So Im guessing you didnt know that Mystique was a shapeshifter. Anyway, glas to be of help and hope it helped your enjoyment of the issue.
Ron Garney

sheesh, excuse the spelling errors please. Must be overtired...:)

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