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I dunno, the upcoming Jigsaw story is probably going prove about as effective a use of Chaykin as a lot of his recent Marvel work (not very), but I thought these one-off Punisher stories fit him pretty well; both of them were funny but kinda depressive too, with lots of odd characters walking around and brooding... plenty of focus on costumes and faces, atmosphere. Last issue was better, in that it was straight-up neon-lit city stuff from start to finish. I was excited over his one issue of Ennis' Punisher, but that looked kinda haphazard... I think he had three comics out that month? That's Igor Kordey detail... it'll drive a man to inking with his fingernails. His WWI book with Ennis might be something, though...

Have you never learned the rule that the possessive form of it is "its," not "it's"?

You know, I've wondered why no one ever mentions the grammar screw-ups. I know that I write "it's" and "its" incorrectly quite frequently, and yet it still slips by me again and again. I guess I've gotten lazy.

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