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I feel very betrayed by the positive review you gave to New Avengers. You didn't really enjoy that rubbish, did you? That "you are going hit on me" line was straight out of The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed. It felt like the kind of line Bendis practices in front of the mirror.

The relationship stuff, no, totally agree. But I came into this one biased after reading Douglas Wouk's review at Savage Critics--while I think it's unlikely that this issue was as much the mystery he took it to be, going in with the mindset that it WAS that much of a mystery made it a pretty entertaining read. I could've done without the boning Hawkeye and the Wolverine flirtations, yep, but the basic meat, the ideas--yeah. I dug it. Sorry bout that.

Tucker, all the constant negativity here must have gone to your head if you're (even mildly) disappointed with Usagi Yojimbo. What, do you hate puppies too?

I hate it when people drop this phrase, but here it is: I'm as surprised as you are. I've never, never, forever, never? had a problem with Usagi. Not even a mild whiff of distaste. But for whatever reason-maybe because this is the same japanese ghost story i've seen in recent let's-film-nerd-it-up evenings, or maybe because this issue was so much like some old Usagi that's stuck in my brain, I came away from this issue wanting to be the one guy who had, at some point in their writing career, said "fuck you sakai," if only so I could really amp up the hipster cred of shitting all over a genius that i'd never be fit to carry water for.

So in other words, i'm a scumbag, hate puppies and refuse to admit I used to like Ill Communication way more than Paul's Boutique. You know, a liar.

"Is this really all Sakai has to offer?"
How about a Hulk story in the forth-coming "Marvel Underground" anthology series?



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