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The next Marvel Zombies will be nothing but Suydam's zombiefied verions of non-iconic panels from obscure Marvel comics. Page 1 Panel 1: a zombiefied version of page 3 panel 5 of Sleepwalker #8. Page 1 Panel 2: a zombiefied version of page 2 panel 1 of The Defenders #103. Etc.

BTW, Filth and Seaguy as misses? If you mean the comics themselves, then you, sir, are simply mistaken. Pistols at dawn. If you mean the decoding moments...well, both series pretty stubbornly resist univocal decoding. But you're dead right that his stories often have that "oh, that's what all that random shit was supposed to mean" moment

Seaguy and Filth aren't total misses as comics, no, no pistols required. If the measure was having a "conclusion" or something of the like that was as great as all the fragments, then yes, they missed there. Animal Man, Doom--those were jazz-cat crazy, with a fireworks-studded finale. Seaguy and Filth both just kind of cut the lights and disappeared with a bit too much of a "wha?" for my taste.

And sorry, but your idea for Marvel Zombies--that sounds WAY more brilliant and entertaining then you're giving it credit. If somebody jacked Sleepwalker, Night Thrasher, The Defenders--Secret Wars II, all non consequential stuff, then Marvel Zombies 3 would be the Exit Wounds of 2009. Or the Acme Novelty. Or the Civil Infinite Wars. Whatever, it would be BallTastic.com is what i'm saying. Genius from Jones. Blog more, i miss you.

Seaguy only being one third finished probably has something to do with the "wha?" factor.

But only a little.

I REALLY wish you were reviewing Frank Miller's Batman.

Miller's Batman gets the female treatment this month--hell, if i knew it was going to include "Damn you and your LEMONADE" i would've fought for it. Them's the breaks, i figure.

It does my heart good to know that you like Garth Ennis, I don't read many comics yet Preacher gives me a big rubbery one.

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