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You guys forgot about Tailspin, which is ridiculous if you watch Jungle Book. I still watched all of that shit though. Gargoyles was awesome until you realized it was just a reaction to Batman:TAS. Still, I loved mythology in episodics and Gargoyles was the first cartoon I saw was doing that, even though it was too dense and ultimately lame. They pretty much gave up and decided that instead of referencing Shakespeare they would just rip him off.

Maintenance sounds like that book I picked up in NY, Brown. Creature Tech. But with a Venture Bros. "Henchman" twist.

And it's Jabberjaw, you fucks!!!

Talespin-i never saw that either, but after googling it, i discovered it was also based on Disney movie characters and planes--which, considering rescue rangers and launchpad, gives all those cartoons some pedantic thru-lines. Your favorite Disney characters! Behaving differently then you remember! And flying planes!

There's a definite venture brothers thing going on in Maintenance.

Jabberjaw is the shark, thanks. For some reason i thought for sure it was one of those characters with a name like Mello Yello or Jello Schmello. But you're right-it's Jabberjaw.

Duck Tales is the great one because it had a couple of multi-episode stories, like the one where Ponce de Leon is like 400 years old and still looking for the fountain of youth, and they totally go on this big long clue quest trying to find it before him - and he ends up getting drowned in the golden city! Awesome!

Those cartoons were always shown in an afternoon block and I remember having my first discovery of how advertising worked. Because they use to advertise sugar cereals in the commercials, and I would totally come home and watch that Disney block of shows, for like 3 hours, and just sit there eating sugar cereal.

This Stunt Casting thing is a great series - keep it up!

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