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This is a great series! I look forward to the next one. Hooray for the Pleebs!

Was this a "director's cut" or something? I don't think the regular issue had the scripts and pencils and whatnot, did it? I don't know; I didn't buy it.

Also, her boyfriend sounds like an incredible loser. Because of the crying. Whether it was about Captain America dying, or because he couldn't find a copy of the comic (because it was going to be worth money someday, I'm sure), I think I hate him. Ah, but who am I to judge? I've paid money for Rob Liefeld comics before. No gun to my head or anything. Of course, I was about 16 at the time...

I believe it's the regular issue of Kick-Ass. The script/pen & ink portion of the comic is only a few pages after the regular story ends.

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