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"and then, as always, Cyclops makes everybody RUN AWAY. Seriously, Cyclops? Give it up. You've retreated from every single battle throughout every story of this book. The only time the guy bucks up is when his back is literally to the fucking wall. Cyclops, you are not a hero. You are a lazy bum. Anyways, we're really moving and shaking, right?"

Claremont didn't "create" Cyclops and his ego could never cope with that, but he had to keep one of Stan Lee's X-Men on the team for recognition value. Still, he takes every opportunity he can get to diminish the character in contrast to Claremont's New X-Men. Not that I care either way, but it's a fascinating case-study in authorial narcissism at work.

Wein/Cockrum created all the New X-guys (except I think Banshee & Sunfire had been around before. I'm not sure. Others would know better than I). Claremont acknowledges that. In fact, in one of the weirdest things I've ever seen, he recently wrote Patty and Dave Cockrum into one of his stories (a satellite X-Men book called Exiles) as Gods. It was completely bizarre and, possibly, senile. In general, though, he is the one largely credited for creating the personas for Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, etc. Those guys.

I kept looking at the cover of #124 that you scanned, thinking there was something wrong with it--then I realized it didn't have the ball-point pen I drew all over Cyclops' boots and trunks when I was eight.

And yeah, Banshee and Sunfire are from the original version of the book--and Wolverine is from Hulk, of course. If you think Cockrum's Banshee looks fucked up, you should see the one drawn by Werner Roth. Dude doesn't even look human.

"The Dramatic Debut Of The Dazzler. I'm guessing this is a Claremont creation here. Not some "let's be proud" kind of shit."

Gah! No! Claremont didn't create Dazzler! He just debuted her and then, later, desecrated her into near oblivion.

Ummm....The Wife, here. I'm told to report that Tucker's been delayed by 15 minutes. His explanation to come, but, uh, HOLY SHIT>

The demerits bit was at EIC Jim Shooter's insistence - both Byrne and Claremont reportedly thought it was dumb, and had whoever (Cyclops?) respond that Wolverine was, like, really old and he wasn't going to respond very well to everyone pretending that they were still in finishing school.

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