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Hey, after reading Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men last week, I decided to reread Byrne's run (mostly to revisit early Kitty). So I'm gonna read along with you starting here. :) I probably won't comment, but just so you know you're being accompanied this afternoon.

Captured superheroes seldom have access to good bathroom facilities. In #131, the White Queen keeps them captured in tiny cages for a day. I'm glad there's no smell-o-vision.

Also, note that Nightcrawler keeps calling people "Leibchen". Unfortunately for Claremont, "Liebchen" means "darling", while "Leibchen" means "bodice".

What we're entering are the seedy corners of Chris Claremont's libido--this X-Men run supplies *way* too much information about what revs young Chris's engine--that and about 13 uses of the phrase "malefic destiny".


This is getting difficult to watch you do this to yourself. It's like extreme body art, a la Ron Athey: Drinking the endless cup of coffee and jacking yourself up on candy to wade through soft-core Claremontian porn. You don't have to finish the whole volume to prove a point.

Sharif makes this sound like Super-Size Me, Omnibus-style.

Hi all, just wanted to let you know that Tucker is doing just fine. Just checked his vitals:
BP 120 over 80
pulse is normal...
(well, at times it spikes, but you can understand why)

He's able to walk a straight line -- that being the line from his "study" to the bathroom. And he's able to do that WHILE READING.
Pretty impressive.

He's had a steady intake of fluids: coffee, water, coffee, water, milk, coffee, water, red bull. Hopefully he'll crack open one of these icy cold cans of coca-cola that I purchased for the festivities.

And he will shortly be fed some whole wheat pasta and meat sauce giving him plenty of energy to persevere.

He can do it. He can do it. Chant with me.

"The fault is mine...I am only a girl."

The gender politics in those issues are amazing. I take it that's Mariko you're quoting there? I can't bring myself to look.

I vividly remember the scene where Lilandra makes Xavier coffee and serves him lox and bagels which he rejects. The nerve! She rules an inter-stellar Empire but still goes out of her way to serve him, and he just brushes her off. She should have poured that coffee all over his bald head.

Rereading these earlier issues with you, Tucker, I'm struck by how long it takes Byrne to become amazing. We're heading there - but it's really somewhere in the 120's that things pick up. I think around the time Arcade shows up was where I really fell in love with this run.

Also, I'm struck by how boring so much of this exposition is. Thank god modern comics have really turned down the 12 page dialogue expositions.

"The fault is mine...I am only a girl."

That's probably not a bad translation of what you'd say in Japanese using humble forms.

Hmm. The malefic stuff might be more part of the Dark Phoenix issues--I haven't read these in a while.

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