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"What the fuck? How is that supposed to make me care about racism? Is that supposed to be awesome or something? If this wasn't couched in all the whiny freakshow complaints, maybe, but as it is, it just seems like the Kool-Aid man came crashing through the wall and turned out that he wanted, less to party, but to eat my dad's face."

I think you've neatly summarized the bizarre contradiction at the heart of the shining beacon for Civil Rights that is the Uncanny X-Men Omnibus.

If I recall correctly, that's also the issue where the crazy new maid pulls out a machine gun.

OMG, I can't believe you're actually going through with this! My prediction is a blood vessel will pop in your brain from all the bad writing and you'll bleed more than a virgin bride having her period on her wedding night.

But, hey, your pain is my gain! I'm eagerly looking forward to reading this today!

Jo Duffy went on to write and edit comics for Marvel. She also wrote for DC, Dark Horse, and Rob Liefeld. Don't know what she's up to today, though. She might have left comics after the short-lived "The Order" book that spun out of/came out of Larsen/Busiek's "Defenders" series.

Jo Duffy was a part of that generation of comics industry professionals that preceded their time in the industry with heavy involvement in semi-organized fandom and focused letter-writing, both to companies and peer to peer. If I remember correctly, she was a part of a group of fans/friends that included Kim Thompson, Rob Rodi and Mark Gruenwald.

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