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Do this more.

ALSO: Good news. Conrad Black's writing another memoir while he's in jail!

Thank you for this. I used to be a devoted Economist subscriber in the 1990s, but fell away when Fantagraphics called, my income got cut in half and funnybooks ate my life. I should probably start reading it again, but these reviews are a nice half-step.

Ah, so much good stuff in this blog, and then you come out with something as mindnumbing as this:

"God forbid people sleep too much and develop joint pain while being anxious and irritable. It's not like there's worse problems in the world."

Sure, there are worse problems in the world.
There are things that are worse than having a 100% requirement for 12 hours sleep every day, lest you are no longer able to walk downstairs or wash and bathe yourself. There are things that are worse than having to have a wheelchair if you want to walk more than 200 yards. There are things far worse than having a mind which feels like it's had influenza constantly for the last 15 years.

There are, in fact, things far, far worse than having everyone think that you're just making it up, and treating it like a joke illness that applies only to lazy people and hypochondriacs who want a day off work to watch the football.

But, you know what? Not every single person who is capable of making some progress on the treatment of M.E. is going to be capable of sorting out those things which are "far worse", so they're doing what they can for people like my wife, so that she doesn't have people telling her that "it's all in her head", or that she should "snap out of it".

Which, is of course, far less important than writing a blog largely about comics and their failings. Because there are, clearly, not things in the world which are worth spending more time on than that.

James Carville comes up with ridiculous, nonsensical sayings, Cajun style!

Good to see that this will be a regular thing. I'll keep reading, and try to add silly comments when they come to me. Also, I'll take credit for the Miley Cyrus comment, since I brought her up last week. It's not like you've heard about her anywhere else, right?

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