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Although I claim to be from Chicago, I actually live way the hell out in the suburbs, so the inner city violence doesn't really affect me, outside of being outraged about it when I watch the local news. Where I live, the big crime stories always seem to be about white women who suddenly disappear, leaving their husbands looking suspicious.

I don't usually click through on these articles, since I only have so much time in my day, and your summaries/commentary usually suffice. But I had to check out the one about the art show in Kenya; maybe artistic stuff captures my attention more than dry news. I guess that's the point, right? It sounds incredible and horrific, and hopefully some pictures will get displayed in the politicians' dining room, as per the artists' suggestion.

When disaster strikes, I think it becomes morally acceptable to begin criticizing the government for allowing practices that increase civilian deaths right fucking away. Hell, even here in the US, where we're supposed to be the best country in the world and shit, people (rightly) jumped all over the government for the bungling of the Hurricane Katrina situation. Of course, little came of it, but at least people weren't afraid to point out when the people in power fucked up.

You write very well.

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