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They buried the lede in that psych. article. Look again at the experimental manipulation and how indirect it is. They didn't tell people they were powerless/empowered and they didn't put them in a situation where they were either. They just primed the respective concepts, and that had an effect.

Here's a punchier way of describing the results: just *thinking* about powerlessness can make you stupider. That has important real-world implications for e.g. workplace organization, education, efforts against racial discrimination etc.

Cognitive science represent, yo.

Re: McCain & Lobbyists: seems more to me like he's giving them the boot when the press figures out their lobbyist connections or background. Not as noble.

I believe Phil Graham hasn't been fired yet...and he's is/has been a lobbyist (pretty much got hired as one before he left office).

So...he's still 72 fucking years old and NOT driving the Straight Talk Express he's claimed to be. ;)

Hey, I generally like American Airlines. They were my airline of choice when I used to travel a lot for work, partly because they designed their planes to have a little more legroom (I'm 6'2"), and also because there was little in the way of lines or waits (especially compared to United, Chicago's "hometown" airline) when flying out of O'Hare. And I've never found them to be rude or unhelpful. This fucking $15 charge is bullshit though.

Jones: Your totally right. I went back and took a look--i gave that one way too much of the short stick. I was trying, against the facts of the article, to draw a comparison between that and the month old article they had about the possible effect of child abuse and an increase in suicide, various mental conditions. After taking another read through, the comparison wasn't valid. In all sincerity, thanks for reading it through and pointing out what I has (obviously, as it turns out) missed.

Matt: Seriously? I can't remember childhood flights on American, so maybe it's just the ones that handle NYC transportation. I wasn't exaggerating to be snarky--every single American flight I've ever been on has been a terrible experience, whether it was delays and cancellations (dispensed by aggressively angry and nasty attendants) or just straight up rude ass peeps handling a shlocky drink service, it's been bad. I've even had a rough experience on the random times I've flown business class with them, and every other airline usually washes your feet and braids your hair when you're up front.

Kevin: Yeah, really?

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