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Your review of Young Liars was *perfect*. It just perfectly captures the problems I have with the book - no purpose; seemingly random events; and characters I can't empathize with in any way. It's like someone doing a reinterpretation of Stray Bullets without ever having read an issue.

I disagree on Red Mass for Mars, though. I liked it. Red Mass isn't a perfect book, but at least it wasn't the millionth rehash of the Authority. If American comics are determined to choke us with superheroes, I'd rather read stories like Red Mass for Mars.

About your Trinity review: How about slitting your wrist you Emo/Indie bastard?

Just wanted to mention, that comixology piece was fantastic. Really good stuff.

I really WANT to like Young Liars, but...sigh...that Amy Racecar color special from ten years ago was so much more fun.

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