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What's wrong with you? No, seriously, what's wrong with you? I've got no problem with any of your opinions, but outright mocking everyone who disagrees with you about anything? Who are you trying so hard to impress? The three people in the world who agree with you about everything?

Now, you're probably going to think I'm annoyed because you disagree with me. No. No, I'm annoyed because you're being an ass.

Great job! Insightful, thoughtful, sincere opinions, they show why you're one of the best bloggers in comics... perhaps the world of entertainment! I walk away enlightened and entertained every time you deign to allow yourself to read comics.

Tucker, that was a screaming good time. Which means I probably shouldn't read you at the office anymore.

I'm not sure I parsed through the irony on all of these -- Daredevil, for instance -- but hell, anyone who reviews comic books in the voice of a hyperactive 12-year-old from about 1992 and still works in a reference to Pale Fire is not to be nitpicked.

Dude, you're almost exactly three months late.

You started off really well, Tucker, but you're as tired as Dorian Wright at this point.

Hey Guy, Glad you Enjoyed it.

Hey Matt, I get it now.

Hey the rest of you. Just hey.

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