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I actually got to see HealtH (for some reason, the proper spelling) in the Altman retrospective at the NYC IFC, and I really loved it. It wasn't as solid a piece of work as "A Wedding" (which it double billed with) but it was definitely on the positive side of the anarchic Altman which prompts visions of clowns eating paper airplanes, which, by the way, is a great line.

Uh uh. I've really liked this movie since the first time I saw it on late night TV. I have to admit that on occasion I have even thought to myself: "You know, if I ever made a movie I want it to be a movie like Beyond Therapy." The things that you hate about it are like a 1 to 1 match of the things that I love- including the shoot up, which i thought was hilarious. I agree the casting of Jeff Goldblum and Hagerty is odd, but I really liked both of them, and I loved the whole first date scene! So what if you knew that the action was occuring in a fake world!

Also, I've always thought that Popeye was one of Robin Williams better roles, and don't find him annoying in at all. Granted,my attachment to that movie is rooted deep in my inner child and can be irrationally defensive at times. They're both movies with flaws, sure, but I'm glad Altman made them.

Jason: Ha, yeah, Health is pretty good. That's sort of an inside joke to my brain--Health always struck me as the Paul's Boutique of Altman's career--it's the one that people always defend in this abstract fashion, even though it's such a lesser known flick by him, with increasing difficulty in availability. I'm with you though-it's classic.

Alan: Geez, I don't know what to say to that. You like Popeye and Beyond Therapy? I guess I should just say thanks for not telling me to kill myself. Thanks for reading? There we go. I can always justify a thanks for reading.

Actually, there's a bit more to it--considering some of the directors that I've got planned, I'm surprised, but excitedly surprised, to find that even with one that I honestly thought would be an easy consensus, you showed up to say "Hey, I fucking like Beyond Therapy." Good on you man.

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