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I loved it, but I'm from Ohio and love Jeff Smith work, so I'm unfairly biased.

I don't think moving through time and moving through universes is really any different. I think it's all moving through the 4th dimension, right? I dunno, too many years since I read anything about physics.

I don't know the sexual nature of the relationship between RASL and the dead girl is really going to hook guys. I think the relationship was there more to show RASL is never really committed to any reality. Like, he doesn't have a woman he's committed to, he has a prostitute with emotional ties to him.

If RASL is anything like Bone, then the central question of the series won't develop for another 5 years or so and until then it will be wacky hijinks of lizard men and dead prostitutes, or something....

Sorry to be an arsehole, but it's "picqued an interested", not "peaked an interested".

"Sorry to be an arsehole, but it's "picqued an interested", not "peaked an interested"."

Technically, it's not even "picqued," but rather piqued. And I'm not sorry.

Wouldn't it be "piqued an interest," without the "-ed" suffix?

I hate to interrupt the grammar parade (wait -- Tucker, you write great, great stuff but consistently use "then" when you mean "than." There, I SAID it. God, it's good to get that off my chest.).

I liked Rasl 2, but then, I'm from California and we love indiscriminate sex and strippers, so I'm biased.

My big concern with Rasl, other than the fear it'll eventually be about rasslin', is that at quarterly intervals, chapters won't make sense and I'll give up and wait for the trade. This one worked for me, possibly due to the page or two of "let me explain last issue, soon-to-die, gold-hearted-hooker." Which worked here, but I don't want to see that every issue (the parenthetical I'm-a-tough-bastard joke: "I meant the exposition; I'm okay with more dead hookers" but I don't really mean that).

Nina, your observation that the fairly random woman just gives him a no-doubt-magical talisman (oh, and a 30-second course in mystic journeying meditational whatsit) and then dies is really pat? Yeah, that's spot on. Didn't strike me so much when I read it, though, because I know Smith's earlier work, and this sense that the universe puts just the right obstacles and tools in the hero's path in a "Uuuuse the Forrrce, Luuuuke" kinda way is what he does. Kinda like long, run-on sentences is what I do.

The comment that Smith takes his time unfolding his main plot is a good point. The fact that Smith has emphasized that, unlike Bone, this is not meant as a kid-friendly "all ages" series, might explain all the sexin' in this issue, in a "let's get one thing clear, here," way.

Ahhh, Buffy Season Two ... especially the second half of that season, and then Season Three, so damned entertaining.

(Damn. I just scanned the site, and this then/than problem seems to have vanished, meaning I look like another pedantic fuck without even the benefit of schoolin' you. Shit, I just cannot catch a break, y'know?)

Rasl ... This issue told me that Smith has some big ideas cookin', quantum theory applied to our own brief, random, drifting lives. If, along the way, he can keep delivering interesting chapters (Last issue: Theft caper! This issue: Sex! Next issue: Cookies?), I'll be in for the haul.

Cookies! I love it!
I'm so happy to get your feed back Guy, Kenny, JRSM, Sharif, et al. Thank you!
As for the grammar -- I'm just tired folks. And we, TFO, just need an editor, (for the love of God!).
A passionate, detail oriented, grammar proficient editor who has lots of spare time and no desire to work for pay.

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