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Didn't the first Run-DMC album come out in 1983 and then get re-released in 1984? Or do you just not have it anywhere in your top albums from that year?

I had the Run album proper as actually getting recorded in 83, but officially produced and getting release as 84. A lot of 8 inch singles dropped in 83, but I wasn't aware that the 84 was a full re-release.

Marty and I can be a stickler on when the album officially comes out, and when something like DMC came up, (which, I think, it did) we usually decided to err on the side of caution. Even if there was some form of release of that album, which I couldn't confirm at the time, 1984 seems to be the more general agreement of when it came out.

This is a horrible list, because Murmur only appears once.

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