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So has Nina been turned into a Nana junkie too? If so, that's awesome.

My favorite line of this interview is almost certainly "I'm aware. I saw your room."

TOTAL Nana Junkie, Matthew. Nana is, in some ways, responsible for "The Virgin Read." Prior to my adventures with Nana, I'd be persuaded to pick up a comic book, but I'd either take forever to finish it (which seems really funny now that i've realized their so "bite sized") or just lose interest before I'd even started. So, i was sure that they'd just never appeal to me. Until Nana. Nana!! Now I KNOW that a comic can appeal to me. Ha, appeal to me? I fell IN LOVE. !!

So, now I am always on guard for the next issue. And anywhere I am that has Manga, I look for Nana. In fact, I bought Nana #5 in as random a locale as Fenwick Island, DE in a tiny little bookstore.

We've discussed the possibility of me writing about it. I have to say, I'm truly impressed by the handling of the "adult content" in there, and of this true emotional journey and the gradual maturity of Hachi. Oh, i better just stop right now or I could go on and on and on!

Awesome! I'd love to see you cover it, just because I can't get enough of the series either, so the more people talk about it, the better.

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