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And actually, this one-shot was continued from a previous one-shot, making the whole term pretty much meaningless.

The solicitation at the end really felt more like something to let readers know that another story would follow if they liked the current one.

The two issue themselves have been quite stand alone. There are some things running through them that connect them for a reader and give them a better idea of what's going on, but this is like saying you need to see rush hour 1,2,and 3 to really understand what's going on in rush hour 1.

After reading the first one-shot, (I'm under the impression this was one-shot to hell) my local comic vendor mentioned this issue as being another in a similar vein. It was actually a continuation of the same frost-giant theme, but with an incongruous slaying at the middle (no pun int). The writing was off on this one, I think due to the 2 part set-up, which made the jumps in plot seem abrupt. With all the flowery dialogue and narrative exposition, you wouldn't think the frost-gal would be cleaved in two just to set up a necklace for the Enchantress. Did they use her icy remains later for shrimp cocktails? The eventual Thorrish freak-out also seemed a little too ham-fisted. More devious Lokian tricksterism would have been better for giving rationale for the dread reckoning against our human forebears. Most of the characters in this one lacked motivation for their actions. I mean, how hard is it to get some more Goofclaws and Grimfarts? The Norsemen eat horses don't they? My mama said.

I'm glad she picked this comic to review, because even though this was topsy-turvy hyperbole on the weak this week, I couldn't even have faked liking this thing. I didn't know what she was going to say until it went up, but I feel like that sentence "if this is your thing, you'll like it, if not, you won't" is directed right at me. Because this shit?

Really not my fucking thing.

The less you know about mythological Thor, the better off you are with Marvel Thor. Hillary was only familiar with the former, and thus couldn't get into this comic at all, although that has at least as much to do with the book's intermittent shittitude.

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