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Maybe Batman was just an insensitive dick who never paid attention to what kind of cookie the Martian ate?

"Ah, shit, another fucking funeral...what did he like? Ho-hos...no, cookies...those fucking cookies, always getting crumbs in the goddamn keyboards. I should have put an acetylene torch to his big green head fucking ages ago. What kind of cookie was it? Those chocolate things with fake cum inside? Yeah. Ok, there, Chocos on sale for 2 bags for a dollar. Fine. Let's go."

I glanced through Final Crisis Requiem Martian Green-Skin Guy is Dead Boo Fucking Hoo at the shop, and just about laughed out loud when I saw a character say, "He was my favorite Martian". Was that supposed to be serious, or was it a secret signal from the writer that he would like somebody to murder him and put him out of his misery?

Re: 100 Bullets: I guess I'm a masochist, since I'm one of those dumbasses who wait for the trade. I considered trying to catch up on monthly issues at one point (It worked on Y: The Last Man), but decided to just wait an excruciating 9-12 months between each installment instead. It's still awesome reading each time out though. Like you, I'm also amazed at Azzarello and Risso's collaboration, what with them being in different countries and all. When I was at the Vertigo panel at Wizard World, somebody asked Azzarello about the amount of detail he put in his script, saying, "Do you write something like 'Guy in room', or..." and Azzarello stopped him, saying, "No, that's too much information. I would just say 'Guy'". Apparently he hates writing the "stage direction" part of scripts, so that means Risso does an amazing amount of creative work on the book, especially when you notice all the stuff that goes on in the backgrounds of the stories. Man, that comic is awesome.

Count me another 100 Bullets masochist. I have a hard time distinguishing the characters when there's a solid through-line in a trade; I'd be completely lost in individual issues.

BTW, your version of Paul Cornell sounds like Chris Sims.

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