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"But yeah, if you're the type of fan who likes to assemble everything you read into a scrapbook, here's some of the stuff you'll need to explain darkened silhouettes in comic books that came out three years ago."

So you're saying this comic will appeal to 99% of everyone who still reads superhero comics, then?

"(It's also pretty genius that the fan is overweight. Because, hey, why not? If you're going to tell someone to fuck off, why not add on a little "AND DIE" while you're at it?)"

And especially hilarious in light of a column where Giffen said professionals should stop tarring all fans with the "fanboy" brush. You stay classy, Asshole!

What will they do next to "the fans", Dan Coyle? What next?!?!

I expect they'll be laughing their contempt right in their faces, the faces of the fans, in the aisles of the SDCC or somesuch.

Well I, for one, don't plan to stand for it.

Any more news on this 'Ennis project'? I'm hoping it's a review / retrospective of the Punisher max series seeing how almost no one else seems to have done that much excepting Jog. it's been probably the best sustained series he's written to date. Although 303 and Unknown Soldier trawled similar ground at least as well...

It starts next week. I thought, back when I wrote that little aside, that it was going to be finished a lot sooner. That was sheer arrogance. But yeah, it's getting going next week.

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