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Every week, I come by here and want to thank you for reading all these crappy comics so I don't have to. But that would be a lie -- if you didn't read them, I still wouldn't, either (well, I pick up the Daredevils in trade). But spending ninety seconds reading why you hated "Secret Avengeance: The Colonoscopy" is much more entertaining than spending seven minutes reading it myself.

So for that, thank you. Now do me a real solid and tell me whether, after rereading and loving the eight volumes of Hellboy to date, do I really wanna start down the BPRD path? You're always reviewing the latest floppy, but what's the overall? Is Vol. 1 any good? And as Mignola gets less involved over time ... any good? Or should I just save this money for the deluxe limited-edition signed hardcover of "Batman Lets One Rip"?

The B.P.R.D. really comes into it's own with Plague of Frogs, and, for my money, surpasses the Hellboy stuff proper when it hits Universal Machine. The first two books are pretty negligible, as is the recent one-shot stories. Arcudi's involvement in the scripting for BPRD is actually a major plus--he forces a structure into place that I think Mignola might have left out had he been on his own. Despite the recent uptick in publication, I think BPRD has yet to suffer from the increased output. (Who knows if that will last.)

And thanks for reading! Secret Aveangeance: The Colonoscopy--i'm stealing that.

I think you hit the nail on the head with New Warriors - it sucks because it's so safe when there's no need to be. I mean, besides those of us who see the charm in loser characters like Night Thrasher - does anyone actually care what happens to them?

And yes, I agree, thank you for reading all these bullshit comics so I don't have to!

It's not even that Grevioux merely isn't trying to do anything interesting, it's that he's actively making New Warriors as generic as possible. He takes characters that were previously interesting/unique in the context of the universe and turns them into ultra bland superheroes. I was incredibly surprised to find out two of these characters were supposed to be Beak and Angel from New X-Men, apparently having undergone complete physical and mental transformations after M-Day.

Steal? It was a gift.

Well then, completist that I am (a childhood of "collecting" comics is the magic gateway to OCD), I'll start BPRD at the beginning, but look forward to the Arcudi stuff you're praising.

The only point in making a New Warriors comic book in 2008 is to try and appeal to the fans who might still fondly remember the first 50 issues of the original series (anything after that = dire). This has nothing to do with the original series, besides the name, which even the characters themselves seem to admit is a frighteningly tenuous relationship.

It's confusing and badly done. Are we supposed to understand who Night Thrasher is supposed to be? They teased the reveal for a year and now it seems that it was just gibberish. All those characters who are supposed to be Marvel Universe B- and C-list mainstays - why are they so adamantly unrecognizable? Could it be that they don't have a consistent artist from one issue to the next? Could it be that the book has about fifteen characters, and no effort has been given to impart an individual voice or perspective to any of them?

Or more importantly, could it be that, facing the prospect of spinning a New Warriors series out of Civil War, the fact is that there were simply no interesting stories that could be told with this remit, and the concept needed to be mothballed? The success of Civil War did many things, but produce an instantaneous groundswell of support for an umpteenth New Warriors revamp is not one of them. Especially considering that whatever limited appeal the series ever had depended on its original cast, two of whom are dead, a couple of whom are busy knocking around the Initiative books, and one of whom has been soiled beyond recognition by that previously-mentioned crossover?

Sigh. I still like the original series. Oh well.

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